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"I was divorced a few years ago and found myself without any way to support myself. I was working a late night waitress job when I met a guy who said I had nice legs and that he'd pay me a few hundred if I let him, get this - smell my pantyhose! Now at the time I was hurting and about to get kicked out of my apartment, so I said "Yeah, sure" and was about to take the money, when he said he'd give me even MORE cash if I took off my dress and sat on his face in my pantyhose! Think I did it? LOL! YOU"RE FUCKING RIGHT! .."

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"After I gave him a good facesitting time, he told me that he had many rich friends and that they would pay WELL to have a beautiful mature woman sit on their faces in her pantyhose - as long as I let them jerk off afterwards. I said "Call them!" LOL! Soon I was know as the "pantyhose facesitting mom" and was booking sessions with rich and powerful men from all over the state. I soon learned to enjoy the feeling of power it gave me to make a man do my bidding and BEG to be allowed to smell my pussy or taste my ass through my pantyhose. And they were all grateful as hell to do it! They were actually very nice men and if they had a fetish for older women facesitting and scolding them, what did I care? ..."
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"Of course many of the men would ask for a "special" facesitting session, no panties! I didn't mind, I often don't wear panties under my pantyhose and if it gives the poor dears a special thrill, I'm okay with that. I make all my clients strip naked and lie on the floor before I sit on their faces, so if I can see "theirs", then why can't they SMELL mine! LOL! And the orgasms I get from rubbing and grinding my pussy on the hard surface of their chins are awesome! I have to admit that pantyhose facesitting has become MY favorite way of getting off too..."

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